Financial Transparency

Certificates of Obligation were issued on November 1, 2013 in the amount of $2,540,000 Tax and Waterworks and Sewer System (Limited Pledge) Series 2013, to mature on August 15 in the years 2014 through 2023, and term certificates scheduled to mature on August 15, 2025, August 15, 2027, August 15, 2029, August 15, 2031, and August 15, 2033, for the purpose of paying contractual obligation to be incurred for (1) the construction of public works, to wit: (a) constructing, acquiring, purchasing, renovating, enlarging, equipping, and improving water and sewer system properties and facilities, including the acquisition of land and rights-of-way therefor, and (2) streets improvements, including drainage, curbs, gutters and utility line relocations related thereto, and the acquisition of land and rights-of-way therefor; and professional services rendered in relation to such projects and the financing thereof.

Tax Rate Information

Town of Lakeside Ad Valorem Rate:


Azle ISD School Tax Rate:


Tarrant County Tax Rate:


Tarrant County College District Tax Rate:


JPS Health Network / Hospital District Tax Rate:


Lakeside Municipal Sales Tax:


State Sales Tax:


Total Sales Tax Rate:


Tarrant Appraisal District

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Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector

(817) 884-1100