• Contact Information

    Police Dispatch:

    (817) 237-1224 PRESS 0.

    Police Desk:

    7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday (817) 237-1234 ext. 302.

    To contact officer on duty while out on Patrol or after hours, call Police Dispatch:

    (817) 237-1224 PRESS 0.

    Non-Emergency Telephone Number:

    (817) 237-1234 ext. 302

    Fax Number:

    (817) 238-9187

    Email Chief Pitts:


  • From the Chief

    It is our duty to provide a safe community where our citizens can live, work and play. We work closely with our citizens to identify their concerns and to respond to neighborhood public safety issues that affect their quality of life. We treat every person we come in contact with as a “customer” worthy of our very best.

    We maintain a high standard of commitment and dedication to our community by utilizing problem oriented policing to identify and address community issues while seeking long term solutions to deter crime and disorder. We will research and apply the best policing practices to improve our service delivery wherever and whenever possible.

    Lakeside Police Department

    Chief Lee Pitts

  • House Watch & Application

    What is a House Watch?

    A House Watch is a request to the Police Department to make additional checks on your residence. This can be for a variety of reasons such as a vacation or business trip. If you are interested in a House Watch, click the above link for a House Watch Form or come by Town Hall to pick up. Your house will receive a little “extra attention” while you’re away.

    House Watch Form

    House Watch Form

    Tips for while you are away:

    Mail/Newspaper: It is always a good idea to contact the Post Office and Newspaper and have them put your services on hold. Or, you may want to have your mail and paper collected by a neighbor or friend. This prevents a build up in front of your house, indicating that nobody has been home for quite a while. Many burglars travel around and target houses with excessive accumulations such as these.

    Lights: There are many low cost light timers available on the market. These timers will automatically turn your interior lights on and off at set times, giving the appearance that somebody is home.

    Alarms: If you have a residential alarm, make sure it is armed and working properly. It is always a good idea to give the code to a trusted friend or neighbor in case the system malfunctions while you’re away.