• Permit Online Payment

    Please click on the link below to pay for your building or trade permit. You must have already submitted the permit application to our office before you can pay online. We will need the following before you can pay online:

    • Permit application
    • Copy of your insurance
    • Copy of your trade license

    We will call you with a permit number once everything is processed. You can make your online payment once you receive the permit number. We will receive any payment that is entered before midnight the next business day.


    Need to make a Building & Trade Permits Online Payment?

    Make a Payment

  • Property Status

    You might be required to plat, re-replat or rezone a property before you may develop it. This would depend on the current status of the property.

    Zoning determines what land uses can be legally placed on the property. There is several steps that are involved for rezoning a property. The zoning process can take about 8-10 weeks. Failure to meet submittal deadlines or incomplete submittals can significantly increase the amount of time required to complete the zoning change process

  • Undeveloped Property & Re-Platting

    A property that is undeveloped may need to be platted before it can be divided or sold.  Both the preliminary and final plat stages of the platting process involve several steps and generally take 6-8 weeks each.  Property that has been previously platted may have the property lines redrawn or amended through a re-plat.  The re-platting process involves several steps and may generally be completed in about 8-10 weeks.

  • Building Permit Issuance Procedures

    1)  Complete all parts of the Building Permit Application Form.

    2)  Turn in the Building Permit Application Form along with all of the required forms listed on the Building Permit Application Form under Submittal Requirements.

    3)  Upon receipt of all of the required paperwork, the application will be reviewed by the Building Official. The Building Official will check for compliance with the Town of Lakeside codes.

    4)  After the Building Official approves the application, staff will contact the applicant to pick up the permit.

    5)  Payment of permit fees are due at the time the permit is issued.

    6)  The Building Permit is issued.

  • Fee Schedule for Permits

    The Fee Schedule for Permits can be viewed by following the link below.  Please call 817-237-1234, ext. 301 for any questions regarding the fee schedule, permits or inspections.

    Fee Schedule


  • Need to Schedule an Inspection?

    The Town of Lakeside has a contract with Countywide Inspection Services. Call 1-940-521-0470 to schedule an inspection. Anything called in before 5:00 p.m. will be made the next business day. You will need to be able to provide the job address, the type of inspection needed, the property owner/contact name and preferred telephone number for the property owner/contact.

  • Contractor Registration

    All General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers and HVAC Installers must show proof of their trade license and insurance coverage to the Town of Lakeside prior to obtaining a permit. Licenses must be current.