• Boards & Commissions Application

  • Planning and Zoning Commission

    August Zitka, Place 1: Through July 2017

    Fred Finch, Place 2: Through July 2018

    Fletcher Phillips, Place 3: Through July 2017

    Loney Gouyton, Place 4: Through July 2018

    Wayne Smith, Place 5: Through July 2017




    Bud Martin, Alternate Place 1: Through July 2017

    Vacant, Alternate Place 2: Through July 2018

  • New and Unlisted Uses

    When there is no listing for an intended use for a property in Town in the Permitted Use Table in the Zoning Ordinance, the property owner or his/her agent may request that the City Council consider adding the use to the Permitted Use Table of the Zoning Ordinance. To follow is a form with the text of Section 154.014 Classification of New and Unlisted Uses, and also the Application for New and Unlisted Uses.

    The Application must be submitted to the City Secretary no later than eight days prior to the City Council meeting in order to be included in the meeting. Questions can be addressed to ncraven@lakesidetexas.us or by calling (817) 237-1234 ext. 303.

    New & Unlisted Uses Information


    Application for New and Unlisted Use


  • Board of Adjustment

    • Pat Jacob
    • Don Pitts, Place 1
    • Katherine Livingston, Place 2
    • Wesley Hearn, Place 3
    • Amy Robinson, Place 4
    • Rona Stratton Gouyton, Place 5
  • Economic Development Corporation-Type B

    Dr. Keith Sultemeier, Place 1: Through June 2019

    Mayor Pat Jacob, Place 2: Through June 2020

    Ken Meyerhoeffer, Place 3: Through June 2019

    Debra Jenkins, Place 4: Through June 2020

    Larry Vaughan, Place 5: Through June 2019

    Vacant, Place 6: Through June 2018

    Vacant, Place 7: Through June 2019